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Dia Frampton

With Season 2 of "The Voice" starting up soon I decided to check out Dia Frampton's newest album. She was my favorite contestant on the show and luckily for me, she is coming to Northampton, MA in February.
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The first time I ran into Dia's music is when I went to see the best live band of all time, Anberlin. Her band Meg and Dia were on of the opening bands on the Cities tour. Needless to say they were awesome. The show was high energy and by the end the crowd was singing along with the band. I believe at the time they had just one album out, Something Real. After they finished their performance, I went directly to the merch table (for those of you who don't know merch means merchandise) to support the band that I didn't originally come to see.

Flashforward to a few years later and you here the premiere of "The Voice" and you see Dia performing "Bubbly", which I loved. She was fantastic on the show, her best song by far was her interpretation of Heartless, it was wicked awesome.
Track By Track: Dia Frampton’s “Red”
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You may ask why Mike would you talk about Dia Frampton...well she is coming to Northhampton, MA in February and I am planning on going and reviewing the Concert. If I'm lucky I may even get a chance to interview her for the blog.

For now I will just review her solo album and find out if any songs compare to Indiana, my favorite Meg & Dia song.

Dia Frampton – Red (2011)
Don’t Kick The Chair (Feat. KiD CuDi) - This song is first up on the album and to be honest I was a little skeptical because KiD CuDi was on the track, before listening to the song I thought it was a little weird to have a rapper on what is destined to be a singer/songwriter/alternative rock (whats that even mean?) album. First listen to the song makes it sound like a dance rock song with a heavy kick drum line. The song is very catchy with the beat and keyboard work. Personally though, the song isn't quite my style but a good first song on the album.

Isabella - Another song with a driving kick drum beat. It's interesting to hear the Blake Shelton influence on this song. The song has a small country sound to it. The mandolin really makes this song interesting. I could see this song used in a Movie trailer for a strong female lead. Hey Hollywood, I've giving you a character you can use to make up a story, but you need to use this song. Its fun, its upbeat (even though the song repeats Isabella run away a whole bunch of times) Her vocals have been strong for these first couple of tracks.

The Broken Ones - I absolutely love this song and really look forward to hearing it live. Again with the strong drum beat and soaring vocals. This song is what I envision hearing from Dia once she left the show. If we all loved the broken ones than this world would be a much better place.

Good Boy - Another dance rock song, this is definitively a good song to listen to while driving, it's happy and upbeat. The song reminds me of something you would hear on an Ellie Goulding album or a summer driving play list. Her vocals sound great again.

I Will (Feat. Blake Shelton) - What a fantastic song, although it is a little weird hearing Blake Shelton singing with Dia but it works. I read somewhere that they find this a cute little country ballad song and I don't think its that at all, its more of a pop song. Their voices meshed well together. The song reminds you to look to your friends when life is going tough.

Billy The Kid - This song reminds me of a Matt and Kim song but lighter. If that even makes sense. I can see how many fans would enjoy this song on the dance floor at a club somewhere. It just goes to show that dance clubs don't have to play just thumping, bass heavy rap music anymore they can go back to the days when real music was played.

Daniel - This is a soft, pop ballad that would be something that you would find on an indie movie soundtrack, or Scrubs (if they had a character named Daniel, although it would fit Chuck too, if there was a character named Daniel). This Daniel who I imagine this song is about doesn't sound much like a man. He seemed to not have much of an opinion and he ends up losing this girl or she left him...I need to listen to it again

Walk Away - This is quite an interesting song. I had to look up to see if Dia talked about each track and the interesting thing to note that this song is about someone who had some pretty horrible things happen to her and the person in her life to protect her did not do that at all. The person who she is singing to it sounds like he deserves it

Bullseye - It's interesting to listen to the song and think about one of the co-writers on the song is from the group Florence and the Machine. In fact, she is the Machine. The song sounds like it belongs on Lungs (the latest FATM album), its upbeat, poppy and a lot of fun.

Trapeze - The second acoustic song is a nice one. It's fun, little ditty.

Overall the album has a heavy dance pop feeling to it, with strong lyrics from Dia and the other writers on the album. What I really love about the album is that most of the songs are upbeat and happy, even when the lyrical content gets heavy. Her voice is great throughout the album. This album has been an excellent "solo" album. Many of these songs I can see being Meg & Dia songs, what I mean is that as a band grows so does their style and I could see this being the next step for the band.

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