Wednesday, January 11, 2012


No, it's not a trailer! 
It's an I.P.A., in fact it's a double I.P.A.

You may ask yourself, what's an I.P.A.? Well, it stands for India Pale Ale and it's a type of Pale Ale that was first made popular a long time ago. To ship beer from England to India they had to do something to it so it could make the journey. What they came up with is that they needed to add extra hop's (one of beers four ingredients) to make the journey from England to India. The flavor was stronger than any beer that had been produced before. does this apply to the title of the post? Recently at beer paradise a.k.a. Table and Vine, I was paroozing the shelves on my Birthday before Mission Impossible (which was awesome) and ran across Boulevard Brewing Company's line of beers. They have been introduced to the story in the last couple of months and I finally decided to get one of their beers. I went with Double-Wide India Pale Ale 4 pack. This beer is part of their smokestack series (which is their way of saying it's a big beer). The reason for buying (do I really need one?) was for a Christmas gift that my wife was making for my father in-law (which will be on her blog at some point) and that gift needed a 12 or 16 oz bottle for going in it.

Once I tried the beer I was immediately impressed. The beer was heavily hop'd and fantastic. I recognized three types of hops that were used in it which are Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial. It was a nice amber color from the malt. The hops used gave the beer a distinct fruity flavor, although others that have tasted this beer have noted the floral mouth they get. I guess I just have a citrusy mouth. For a double I.P.A it has great balance, many double's are either overly hoppy or too malty. At 8.5% ABV and 71 ibu's (International Bitterness Units) this beer falls behind Dogfish Head's 90 Minute IPA and Stone's Ruination IPA for bitterness. For a double IPA in fact it is lower than most on the ibu front.

So, if you love hops and you don't want a double IPA that is too high on the ibu's then pick up a new top ten beer. If your liquor store of choice doesn't have it, request it.

 I've also tried "The Sixth Glass"; it’s a solid Belgian Dark Strong Ale. Not my cup of tea but my friends in Vermont loved it.

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