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Movie Review: Warrior

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Last week I watched one of the best movies of 2011. That was Warrior staring Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte. The movie revolves around a couple of estranged brothers, who are battling demons of their own. Both brothers grow up in a broken home where the father (Nolte) was a drunk.

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The movie starts out focusing on one brother, former Marine Tommy Conlon (Hardy) coming home to his father, who he hasn't seen in 14 years. He doesn't speak much but he goes to work out at a gym and beats the daylights out of the top middleweight MMA contender. This leads him to sign up for the Sparta challenge. It's a win or take all tournament over a couple of days to find out who the world’s best fighter.  

We meet his brother Brendan (Edgerton), who is a science teacher who is a former MMA fighter. He was a victim of bank's doing people wrong. He is married with a couple of children and does not want to lose his house, which the bank is going foreclose on his house so he convinces his former trainer to start training him to win weekend fights, which coincidentally got him suspended from his job.

This sets the estranged brothers off on a journey which leads to family redemption. The movie is masterful in mixing the two protagonists together, with the two of them not sharing time together until the end of the film. Each brother has a story and a reason to want to win the Sparta challenge. The winner does get 5 million dollars, which could solve both brothers’ problems. A family that was been torn apart because of the sins of the father and watched the father try to rebuild the relationships he broke. 

The drama in the movie is so intense you find yourself cringing and I'm not even talking about the fighting. You really feel for both brothers, life is tough and their just trying to hold it together. Brendan is helped out by a class of students, who love to be in his class and a wife who really loves, so he has the world to lose and that is the driving force behind him. Brendan is stepping up to be the man that many should aspire to. He is willing to do what it takes to provide with his family, yes he followed some bad advice but he is unwilling to live with that. He wants to provide for his family, he wants to be the head of the household and that role means you do whatever you have to. 

You may ask, Mike did you have fun watching the movie? My reply is the movie is not designed to be "fun", it's a movie that begs the question, Do you have what it takes to provide for the ones that you love. Will you stop at nothing to be the provider of the family, or will you take the easy way out. These men in the movies made mistakes; bad things happened to them but in the end they wanted to do what was good. 
If you couldn't guess, I rooted more for one brother than the other. Both have worth causes they are fighting for, the biggest though is family.

This movie is even one my wife stayed awake for. One thing that she really liked was how the two protagonists had great, honorable reasons for fighting in Sparta, for neither of them were fighting to be the best, and they just wanted the best for their family and friends. Like I said, my wife stayed awake the entire time, this only happens during good movies. 

I'll leave you with this, mostly because I am not going to give away the whole movie and everyone should go and see it, this movie is stunning visually and wordically (I just made that word up) and you will be tense all the way to the end....Man, I didn't even talk about Nolte's performance which has been nominated for awards...Go Watch the Movie Now, its out everywhere.

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