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Top Five Shows Cancelled Too Early

With the Television series Chuck coming to the end January 27. It made me think back to all the shows that I've loved and lost. These shows have various reasons that they end up getting cancelled.  One show on this list was even a high rated show that they sent to Sunday night to fight against Rob Lowe...he took down two of my top five shows.

To create this list though I had to first set some ground rules:

         1. The show cannot have more than three seasons
         2. I need to have watched the entire run of the series
         3. The show needs to have premiered after I turned 6
         4. Arrested Development is usually Number 1 (and I can't wait for the movie in
             2013) will not be on this list since its number 1 on everyone else's list

With that we shall begin the list counting down from 5 to 1

Number 5: 

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Shark was a well written, sharp show with talented lead actors. James Woods’s plays it loose and silver tongued and Jeri Ryan, fresh off of Star Trek steps in with a force that made her popular in Star Trek. The first year of the show it debuted at #28 in the rating, pulling in a 13.5 million viewers. It did so well after CSI that the death blow was moving it to Sunday Night to go against Rob Lowe and his show Brothers and Sisters. It dropped to 48th in viewership with 10.4 million viewers, still great numbers but not enough to keep it after the writers’ strike. 

Rob Lowe 1 Mike 0

Number 4:  
Sports Night/Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

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Next up is two Aaron Sorkin dramedies. First, Sports Night was a creative attempt at writing a show about a show. The writing was face paced and we also see the first incarnation of the "walk and talk". Basically in the show we would watch as multiple characters have conversation while walking through various parts of the set. Sports Night ranked #65 on the Nielsen during Season 1. 

 Season 2 improved to #49 but it was cancelled because if couldn't find a niche in the audience. It also won three Emmy's during its time. When it came time to decide to keep doing Sports Night on another Network or continue working on his other project. That other project is one of my favorite shows; The West Wing.

Rob Lowe 2 Mike 0

After the West Wing Aaron Sorkin took another shot at right a dramedy and it came with some familiar faces from the West Wing plus Sorkin newcomers Mathew Perry, Amanda Peet and Steven Weber. The show again was well written but in my opinion was done in by the writers’ strike and a seven week hiatus. The ratings never reached the height of Sports Night and some even felt that Aaron Sorkin was writing to retaliate for a girl breaking his heart.   

Number 3:  
Veronica Mars

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Sometimes when you find a show that you love and sometimes a show finds you. This was one of those shows. Veronica Mars is smart, funny and well written. This was a detective show done well. One problem the show had was it was the CW or WB...I don't really remember since they are kind of the same network. Kristin Bell is fantastic as the lead character. This one is worth watching at least once a year.

Number 2:  

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Sometimes you find a show you love, sometimes a show finds you and then there's the show your wife watches first and tells you to watch and this is one of them. Kristin saw a preview and really wanted to watch and I of course lovely said I'll watch and after the premiere. I was blown away, the whole premise of the show was awesome and Shakespeare is an incredible actor. The show its self fizzled during the blasted writers strike and only lasted one year. 

And the Number 1 show is:

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This show is one of the greatest shows of all time. I am a huge Battlestar fan and this show is right up there with it. Joss Wheldon created a fantastic universe and the whole Cowboy and Alien aspect came from here in my opinion. The writing was well paced and the actors were excellent in it. As you can see with Chuck coming to an end I think back to Jayne and I know I will miss Adam Baldwin and his grin on TV and hopefully he will find a new show. Firefly had the makings of a great show and Fox messed it up, ran episodes out of order and not really understanding what they had on their hands. Nonetheless I can say I watch the show about once every few months. It’s that awesome!

Honorable Mention:
Eli Stone, Freaks and Geeks, Life on Mars, Kings, Dollhouse, Better off Ted, Justice

Leave your top five in the comments and let's see

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  1. What about Better Off Ted?!!! :). You introduced me to that show. Too bad it was cancelled.