Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Movie Review: Real Steel

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Recently Kristin and I watched the movie Real Steel. A movie about fighting robots or so we thought. Here is a quick recap of the movie without giving too much away. The movie stars Hugh Jackman as a down on his luck, former boxer that continues to make bad choices in his life. You learn quickly that he has a son and tries to use his son to make some money but as with many good movies they pull a head fake. While there is some cool robot on robot violence, you are really watching a movie about a father and son and their relationship.

Even though the movie has Hugh Jackman as the leading man, the star of the movie is the young boy who is his son.  Dakota Goyo gives the movie a central focus and emotional depth. He is a boy who speaks his mind and has enough attitude to fill the truck they transport the robots in. You make recognize him from Thor, since he was little Thor.
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This really made me think about my life growing up. Growing up without a father I longed for a relationship with one. I understand the boy really well throughout the story. You can see at first he is angry but that of course melts away as time with his father increases. When his father lets him down you can see the anguish on his face. Those are things that I have longed for, being able to spend time with my father, learning from him and ultimately finding out who I am. Many of these thoughts and questions probably ran through his mind. 

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The movie has a time of redemption of the father when he steps up and makes the right choices and does the right thing by his child. We are all looking for redemption in our life, we are looking for a chance to prove that we have value and are worthy of love. This is what Hugh Jackman's character is looking for and...You’ll just have to watch the movie. It was fun to much and you should enjoy watching it.

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