Friday, February 17, 2012

The Real Deal: Be A Man

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I was flipping through my music the other day. Sometimes this can be a bad idea because I start to become nostalgic for the days that some of those songs remind off. I can remember the first time I heard Five Iron Frenzy (I am sooooo excited to see that they are making music again) or MXPX and think back to the times I have seen them live and what my life was like at the time. Those can be great feelings but I can run dangerously close to pining for those days. You know those thoughts, when life was "simpler" and you didn't have a care in the world.  When you start to long for those days, that's where the trouble lies. You start to wish for something better, the 'good old days'. I catch myself doing this at times and I find that it can be destructive. When you start to wish for the past and think how much better it was, you forget all the stuff that God has worked on you and through you. 

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Looking back at that time in my life I would say I had the least amount of spiritual growth, God was important but never something that I would actively pursue. In that way, college and college life was tough. I would constantly make mistake after mistake, and thought that God would just forgive me and I would go out and do it again. It was a sick cycle carousel

When we look back with longing we consciously or subconsciously believe that where we are we are worse off and ultimately God has not provided. We tend to forget the troubles that we had and only think about the good stuff. Trust me; there were many things I loved about the past, some of the perceived freedom that we had to make our own choice. We rarely think about the consequences of those decisions that we made. To quote a fun song we were young, dumb and in love. 

I was not growing up, in fact it took quite a life event that made me want to grow up and become a man. For a period of time I was happy to stay living a dude life. I loved living with roommates and have late night movies and steak, pulling pranks on other friends. I mean bachelorhood was a lot fun but I can say now that being married for four and a half years; this is much, much better. I may think back to those days but I can firmly say today that life is so much better now. I am glad my dudehood ended; in some ways when I look back I wish I would have stepped up earlier to become the man that God has for me today.

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My challenge for any guy that is still trying to live like a life that looks more like a high school boy and less like a man is to step up and be a man not some manboy. I can tell you from experience it's much better to be a man; there are some amazing things that you get to do and a lot of great ways that God can use you. As a man we are called to lead the church, lead our wife's spiritually and we are to be spiritual leaders. This is currently not happening and it needs to change. As a teacher I try to instill in my young boys that need to be responsible, honest and straightforward. In short, to be the opposite of what they see everyday on TV. We need to step up and be the example and not let Hollywood be our manhood compass. Even though I haven't watched it yet I have a feeling that the movie Courageous tries to teach us how as men we should be living. Whether we are single or married. 

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