Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review: Shipyard XXXX IPA and Haverhill Leatherlips IPA

The beer in the back is Shipyard XXXX IPA and the
one in the front is Haverhill Leatherlips IPA
So this past weekend Kristin and I went out to for a drink in Worcester at this place called Brew City Grill & Brew House. We were going out for Valentines to watch a play in Whitinsville. There are a few different places to go and get drinks in Worcester, we narrowed it down to Brew City and another place called the Armsby Abbey. So as any good beer enthusiast I looked them up to see what they had on tap. The Abbey had their current list online so it was easy to check out. They have one cask and on it they had some smoked porter that sounded good on cask in theory...but, I am not a dark malt person. Brew City...was a little harder to figure out, I ended up calling them and found out that they had not one but two IPA's on cask. Shipyard XXXX IPA and Haverhill Leatherlips IPA. Needless to say, this was the place we were going. 

Brew City was nice; their website says they have 40 taps and 3 Casks. The environment inside was pleasant enough; it was one of the nicer sports bars we have been too. We sat at a table in the bar area and ordered our drinks. Our love of quality beer and casks made ordering easy. Even though they had quite a varied selection of beers on tap, we went straight for the cask....ummmmmm cask.

Onto the beers
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The first beer we will look at is Shipyard XXXX IPA. This beer comes in at 9.2 abv and you can definitely taste it when you get this beer on cask. Having never drank this beer before I would be interested in seeing how it tastes with carbonation. The beer itself seemed a little out of balance, you could really taste some citrusy notes but overall though the taste left in your mouth is a strong alcohol. Neither one of us really cared for it. It was OK; the grade would be a B-

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This beer on the other hand was excellent on cask. Again I must admit that I have never had/heard of Haverhill brewery but after having this beer I think I will seek them out at Table and Vine and find out how their other beers stack up. Leatherlips abv is it at 5 % and was a fantastic IPA. I could tell that my favorite hops were included in this beer, Nugget hops. The citrus flavor really comes through when the beer is on cask. The beer was super hoppy and smooth at the same time. The brewer really knows how to keep it balanced.This beer is a solid B+ and I will be looking forward to finding them in bottles/on tap next time we go out. 

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