Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ahh the time has come, in two days the greatest game in the world will showcase the teams that proved themselves worthy to represent the league, the New England Patriots and New York Giants. It always seems to come back to New York and Boston. The last time these two teams met in the Super Bowl, the Giants got the better of the Patriots. My opinion is that the Patriots had too much pressure on them last know the whole perfect season thing and history riding on the game. 

Another fun thing about the Super Bowl is the party of course. This year we are having a chili cook-off. Next week I'll post the Chili recipe that I believe will win the cook-off, since it will be mine.

This time the game won't turn out the same way. No miracle catches, or phantom tackles, everything will run smoothly.  As you may guess I am a Cowboys fan, which in turn means that I am pulling for New England. I can't stand the punks that are known as the Giants. However, this game is different, how you may ask. Two words...TIGHT ENDS! The Gronk and Hernandez are the greatest tight end duo in the history of the world. They will be the difference makers, Brady will get them the ball and the Giants can kiss their Super Bowl goodbye.

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Here is the stats to prove it:

Rob Gronkoswki        Catches   90            Yards   1,327             Touchdowns     17
Aaron Hernandez        Catches   79            Yards     910             Touchdowns       7

These two men will be the difference maker. On all accounts the teams don't match up well. I do think the game will be high scoring. So here is my prediction:

New England         35
New York             31

Most Valuable Player: Tom Brady

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  1. So I was pretty wrong...that game was not good...thank you Bernard Pollard for stopping the Pats from winning by taking out the Gronk