Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hearing God's Word

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And finally I know that another thing to help us if we are hearing God's word, we could take the Gideon approach and ask God for proof. While this sounds like a good idea, its important to ask God for clarification and not proof of God. 

How do you know if you've heard God voice? It's a simple, basic question that we all struggle with, How do we know? I find it really difficult to discern God's voice in my head. Quite frankly my mind seems blank a lot of the time.

A wise person would say that God speaks through others during times of council. Others would equate God speaking to you as your good thoughts.

A lot of the time though I struggle with what is God Speaking to me and my own desires. I know that I can have some desires that are honoring to God, or so I think. You cant' just rely on your thoughts. I think there are a couple of ways to start to discern God's voice. The first is to read God's word, study God's word and be learning more and more about God's word. This is the surefire way to learn if you are hearing God's voice. God can speak to you many ways but it's important to make sure the voice you hear doesn't go against God and the bible is the best way to learn that.

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Since most of us are not biblical scholars, there are somethings we can understand by reading but we do need help understanding God's word we need to get wise council from a trusted Pastor or Biblical Scholar, if they know Greek the better.

When you have gone about these things its important to remember that when you are trying to listen for God's voice you need to be patient and listen, its a two way conversation. If God wants to talk to you, you will know and it's important to listen and not talk.

For those of you trying to hear God's voice in your life, I hope this helps. It's nothing new or exciting but it's reality. It's important to do the main things that I mentioned because on their own, it would be easy to skew the bible or God's voice to serve your own needs.

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