Monday, April 30, 2012

Food in Atlanta

So I was recently in Atlanta, Georgia for LIFT- a worship leader collective and while their I got to enjoy some great food. Being restricted by the MARTA and unsure on how long it runs, (I figured it out on my last day, it runs until midnight) and staying in Buckhead I had to find some places to eat that were reasonable to walk to from my hotel or the MARTA. My hotel was a little under a mile to the train so I didn't want to do a lot of extra walking so that also effected where I wanted to go.

Friday Night, after getting settled into the hotel I went out looking for food, the concierge suggested going to this place called Gordon Biersch, it is brewpub. I learned while their that their are many of them around the country. So this was one of my first brewpub chains. 

Knowing I was in the south I figured I should try to get some pulled something or barbequed that or other and this restaurant gave me just that, I got a pulled pork sandwich with fries. It was delicious, they had this sauce called märzen barbecue sauce that they make with their own beer. The beer itself that they used is a Bavarian Lager that they used a Munich malt, there is very little hops. 

With this being me though, its all about the beer. I tried their special beer, which of course was an IPA, their only IPA they had on tap...well that's not accurate, they also had Stone IPA, which is always a safe choice when it comes to drinking IPA's. The beer was smooth upfront with a little hop bite in the back. The hops they used were very citrusy, I am not quite good enough to name the hops but I would guess a blend of simcoe, cascade and something else. The beer was a bit lighter, I would guess the 
IBU's were around 30 or 40, more indicative of a summer, lawn mower ipa. It was really light, I probably would not get it again. I also didn't get a second one, I did try their other beers. Most of them were similar, using the same yeast strain and overall ok. I am always leery of a brewpub that has Bud Light on tap, it makes me wonder why they don't make their own light lager.


For breakfast I of course ate at the hotel, waffles, jimmy dean breakfast sandwich and fruit. Then went to Starbucks and got some Green Tea, I love their Green Tea


The conference provided us a box deli lunch, it was fine, very basic, served its purpose. 

Dinner: After the Lift was done I hoped on the MARTA and went closer to the city and found my next brewpub. (See a pattern) I ate dinner at MaxLager’s Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery. This place according to their website is one of the 10 best places to eat in Atlanta. I whole heartily agree, although I haven't eaten at many places but I will go back next year. The food was fantastic I ate Max Bison, which is a great bison burger with apple-smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese. This was so good.

My beer was just as good. The beer that I tried was called Hopsplosion!!! IPA and it lived up'd to its name the beer was intensely hoppy. According to the beer menu the IPA is an intensely hoppy India Pale Ale with a toasted malt backbone to back up a cirtusy/spicy finish from aggressive hopping with a blend of hops from the Pacific Northwest (where hop heaven is). The beer had a ABV of 5.2%, IBU count of 70. It was so good that I had two and found out where I should eat next. One of the patrons at the bar said I should go to this place called Taco Mac. 

Max Lager’sWood-Fired Grill & Brewery: Food A, Beer A


After eating the same breakfast at the hotel, (although I was tempted to try the breakfast corn dog, it was sausage wrapped in a pancake corn dog looking thing...maybe next time) I decided to try the local coffee shop for my morning tea. This place was called Sip the Experience. They had a few different types of green teas, the one I chose had orange in it. It was quite good, since I didn't have any cash on me, I also had to get a couple of cookies so that I could use my card. The homemade chocolate chip peanut butter cookies were quite good and a good snack for the plane ride back home. 


After church I hoped on the MARTA and made my way to Taco Mac. The first thing to note is that the restaurant named was inherited,  by a couple of guys from Buffalo, who when they moved wanted to bring real buffalo wings to the south. Well being a couple of unwealthy guys they found a place to start their restaurant, they had enough money to start but not to change the name, so they kept it. Now they have a chain of Taco Mac's

This place, I kid you not had 100 beers on tap (or did as Saturday night), when I arrived they were working on changing a number of taps that they ran out of. The menu was extensive with beer from all over North America. While I was in Atlanta I had decided to drink only beer from Georgia, which they had on tap. There were a number of beers available for my choice. I had it narrowed down to Red Brick Hoplanta IPA and TerrapinHopsecutioner, so in my infinite wisdom I choose both. I started with the Red Brick because it was listed at 6.7 abv, it was lighter, you always start with the lighter beer. The beer was a standard IPA, it was citrusy and a little watery, it was ok overall but I think I got a beer at the end of the keg. It was good with my food, which was my favorite food I ate overall ( I will talk about that later). With my pallet, I can taste the cascade hops but it was week overall.

My second beer was my favorite beer of the trip, Terrapin Hopsecutioner. This beer was fantastic, if I didn't have to get moving after eating, I would have had another or if I had a suitcase I would have brought some home. The beer had excellent flavor, light color, hoppy nose, smooth going down and nicely citrus It's abv was somewhere around 7.2, full hope flavor, it has five different hops including a dry hop. All of my favorites were represented Warrior, Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade (dry hop). It was a great beer and I will ask Table and Vine to see if it is available up here. 

Now, with it being a wing place I naturally went to chicken finger lunch. It came with fries. This was awwwessommee! They had many choices for sauce and I went for a Habanero BBQ, their second hottest sauce, their hottest was called death (Even though I'm good with God, I didn't want to test him).  My mouth was on fire, a good kind of fire, definitely worth going to eat at again and I can't wait until I go back. 

Finally, if you live with me you learn that I do not drink/like coffee at all but I still need caffeine. Enter Diet Coke and Coke Zero. Well, if your in Atlanta, you need to go to the Coca-Cola Museum. It was awesome, below will be a bunch of pictures of the museum but the reason it fits in here is that once you complete the tour you get a specially packaged 8 ounce bottle of coke, and since I had carry-on luggage only, I had to drink it, it was fun but it was regular coke so i didn't like it as much.

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  1. you do indeed have infinite wisdom. Why choose one beer when you can choose both? Totally agree. Now if only I could drink....