Friday, May 25, 2012

The Avengers

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I love superhero movies, there is something about them that just speaks to me deep inside. Maybe its this idea of a savior coming to save the world from impending disaster. Hey I've heard that story before!

What's great about The Avengers is that Joss Whedon was able to connect all of the Superheros stories together without it seeming forced or overly ridiculous. Each hero has to play their part for the greater good, no one is greater than the other. Each of the actors have done a great job and bringing their paper character to live. I don't think I have laughed as hard as i did during the Hulk  scenes (especially the one with Loki claiming to be God and bow down to him and the Hulk smashes him, really funny stuff).

If you are one of the few who haven't scene it yet...Whats wrong with you? Just go, don't try to go against the crowd, love it, give in to the peer pressure.

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On another note like I mentioned above, you can see themes of God throughout the movie, the world needs a savior who can do and see all things. While the Avengers need each other to save the world, there is only one who can save this world. I also love that even though Captain America is working with Thor and they are fighting Loki, he still claims that there is only one God. How awesome is that, that is faith. I wish that I can have that kind of faith. Its hard to watch the news every night and wonder what God is trying to do. People killing people, people robbing people but we continue to have faith in God, or we try. Captain America on the other hand is working with a God and still believes in only one true God and I don't think he wears those clothes. 

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