Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Oooh Yeeeaaaahh!

Instead of walking through how to brew again like I did with my last post I'm just going to talk about the beer I made this round.

I love green tea! It is the best hot drink in the world! I'm not kidding, go ask people in the world, they'll agree that Green Tea is the best....Well....I'm not sure if that's all correct but I believe it is. Being an IPA person I liked the idea of doing them together. I even have a name for it, as you know tea is traditionally an afternoon or evening drink, so therefore it is called Afternoon Delight IPA.

First began the research, I wanted to see if anyone has done it before. The information I found is sketchy at best but I do know that Stone did a collaboration with Baird and Ishii last year. I never got a chance to try it but I figured if Stone did it, the beer must have been good, so my recipe is based off of their ingredients.

I have learned to make balanced beers that sputter out at the end. This one is true to that form. I began using the same malt as before, Briess Dried Malt Extract Golden Light. Once it reached the boil point I added 2 oz of Warrior Hops. The Warriors are workhorse hops, you'll find them in many different beers like Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA, Left Hand Warrior IPA, Allagash Hugh Malone Ale, Troegs Nugget Nectar among others. Stone used it in the bittering boil, so did I. The next set of hops that went in was 1 oz of Pacific Jade and 1 oz of Sorachi Ace. Sorachi Ace is a Japanese Hop which has a lemony flavor to it, again Stone used it, so did I. 

On a side note my favorite beer from Brooklyn Brewing is Sorachi Ace. Its a fantastic, one of the few saison's that I like. They say its a farmhouse style, I am not sure what that means exactly but its really good

The final set of hops was again Sorachi Ace and with them I added 3 oz of Organic Sencha Green Tea that I purchased at Mt. Toms Ice Cream in Easthampton (best ice cream in Mass and possibly the world). This was for the aroma, if the last bag set in for too long then the tea would become really bitter.

Once the wort cooled enough I added the same SO-5 ale yeast and the process began again. 

The one thing I would have done different is had extra hop bags to dry hop with, this beer was not dry-hopped because the bag broke when i was trying to stuff it in.

The beer came out nice. Light color, hoppy and you could taste the green tea. It wasn't as strong as I would have liked it. Next time I would add the tea sooner so that it could steep for longer. The beer was a solid B but nothing more...yet. With a couple of tweaks i could get this beer up to an A- beer.

So I have had the beer since I started writing this post and can say that the green tea flavor has come through strongly, I don't know if I am a fan of the hops used. I still stick with my Solid B.

I will get better at judging beer once I read the great book I got it my tasting kit for finishing in Second Place for the Sam Adams Home Brew Contest.

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