Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

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So this past weekend my wife and I went to the movies. Me being the gentleman, had her watch all the trailers to the movies available to watch. We went through them all and Kristin decided that Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter looked like the best movie, so we went. Little did she know we were going to a horror movie, which she doesn't like to watch. I on the other hand was thrilled, we even saw a trailer for newest Resident Evil movie and she asked if she would like it. This is going to be a good summer if I can get her to watch at least one.

On to the movie! The movie is based on a book with the same title by Seth Grahame-Smith. He is also credited with writing the movie. The first thing you need to do is detach yourself from what you know about history because the movie is complete fiction with a little historical fact sprinkled in. 

Now that your ready, you can watch the movie with joy. Overall the movie is over the top, with huge, epic action sequence and now I must learn how to defend myself with a shotgun ax. Benjamin Walker does a great job recreating President Lincoln. He would do a great job playing the President in a Biopic in the future. The movie takes itself serious and I think that is how it works. The movie takes place throughout the life of President Lincoln, at various, important points in his life and how vampires affected it.

Full of action, little truth this movie is a hit for how bad it is. If you need to know more it basically runs like this: Famous event, vampires attack, famous event, vampire get the picture. This happens over and over again, the twist and surprises are far in between. 

If you like action movies that have a little horror in it, then go and watch it, you'll enjoy it. So get out and go to the movies.
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