Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beercation Day 3: Red Hook

Admiring the immense package line
Day 3 of Beercation: Seacoast, before the drinking began we went berry picking at Blueberry Bay Farm. It was of course enjoyable to pick our own blueberries, although I think Kristin at more than she picked. We were also able to get some really good greens. I love me some butter lettuce. Afterwards of course we went to Red Hook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH.

I wish I had this....
and this one

The tour at Red Hook was lead by Byron; he was an excellent tour guide. He took us all around the brewery, explaining all of the equipment and the philosophy of Red Hook.  

As the tour wrapped up we went to the tasting bar for a group of four beers. Wit, ESB, and IPA

The first beer we were started with is the Wit, which is a seasonal beer for Red Hook. The Wit is a Belgian style wheat beer. What makes this one unique is the ginger that was added into beer. I know in the last post I said that I had a beer that the lowest ibu's but I was wrong. I think that I really found the lowest ibu beer I would ever drink, this Wit. It rolls in at 8 ibu's, I can count that many ibu's on one hand. The beer was good, even though it was light.   

The next beer we were able to test was the ESB, which standards for Extra Special Bitter. Surprisingly the beer is not bitter at all. As you learn the history of this style of beer, it was never suppose to be a bitter beer. The beer was light on the hops, heavy on the malt and overall good for the style, just not mine. 

This was our tasting spot

The third and final beer we were able to test at the brewery was the IPA. Oh, how I love IPA's, especially hoppy ones. Unfortunately this is not one of them. This beer was not as hoppy as I would like. The beer had a strong, citrusy upfront hop flavor but it finished like dirty water. The beer would be better if it was balanced but alas I don't think I would order this beer out. They say that this is a best selling beer and a likable IPA; I disagree. I would say that it is not as hoppy and it falls apart at the end which makes it not a very bitter beer. 

RedHook: Impressive facility, not impressive beer. Still make the stop on your way around the Portsmouth Breweries, if for nothing else to try some beer you may never buy.

That's a lot of pipe!
Someone looks a little too excited

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