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Vacation: Throwback and Portsmouth, NH

This is what we pulled up to,
boy we weren't ready for what was inside

For Day 2 of Brew Tour: Seacoast, we first started out at the beach. It was great, I got to sit in the wonderful sun and read. I must be a slower reader than I used to be because I am only half way through my current book, Kane Chronicles: Throne of Fire. While it is a thick book, you would never know because I read it on my kindle, the greatest invention of the last few years. The water was cold along the beach, but it felt good after sitting in the sun.

Afterwards the four of us (Kristin, Catie, Kevin and I) decided to go to Throwback brewery in North Hampton. The brewery was nice, set back in a series of warehouses. They had a number of brews on tap. The brewery believes in 100% local ingredients and is working hard with local farms to produce beer that can be called local. While at the moment they are small, nano sized I believe is the correct term, the beers that they produce were excellent.

Awesome Picture...Awesome Beer
I tried a few of the beers and was thoroughly impressed. The first beer that I tried was called Hopstruck IPA. This particular beer was a red IPA. It was well balanced and nicely hopped. It went down the gullet smoothly. The color was hued a nice reddish golden color in my glass. The citrus hop smell was a nice surprise when you look at the color of the beer. 

The next beer I tried was the Dippity-Do American Brown. This was standard brown ale, it was also quite good. Now I am not a brown ale person but this beer was fairly well balanced. Again I am not sure of where the hops have come from but I am sure that the malt came from Valley Malt right near my current home town in South Hadley, MA.

The final beer I tried was a Raspberry Wit. This beer was amazing, the berries were from a local farm, and it went down smooth. Fruit beers tend to be a little syrupy but this one was not. I love the Raspberry UFO but this one blows it away. My wife took a sip of the beer and it was the first beer that made her really want to have one but the baby's health is more important. She also really wants you to know that the beer is really fresh.

Throwback Brewery: Excellent Nano and a must drink for any Northern New England beercation!!

The next stop on our beer tour is Portsmouth Brewery

Yup, that is a giant mug of beer for Portsmouth
At the brewery I decided to get a small flight of beer. I say small because you can also get a flight of 10 beers, so I went with a small flight of four this time. The options that I chose were:
The first beer I tried was Wild Thing. The beer is pale ale that had a light hop flavor to it. When tasting it there was a fruity hint of something, I found out later that hint was a cherry flavor from the hops. The beer was light overall and interestingly enough they used rice in the malt. Overall a good beer possibly would have gotten a pint of it.

Dirty Blonde is next on the list. It's like the Wild Thing, very light tasting overall. This is one of their standard beers that they have on tap. It had the lowest ibu's for all the beers that I have tasted so far on vacation, coming in at 13, which means it really wasn't bitter or hoppy at all. The beer is good for what it is, I don't know if I would drink a bunch of them.
The next beer on my flight was Murphy's Law Red. This beer is a standard Irish Red Ale. Again the beer was low on the IBU's coming in around 22. At this point in my flight I was really missing a hoppy beer. While the beer has four hops they are masked by the caramel malts that are the base for the beer. Like the beers above, if it’s my only option I would probably get a pint of the beer but I wouldn't seek it out.

The last beer of my flight was another light weight. It was their Wit bier, a Belgian inspired wheat beer. This beer was my favorite out of all of them. The orange peel and coriander really shone through in this beer. It was light in color and went down smooth. With it being a wit bier I didn't mind that there was a small amount of hops in it, a good wit doesn't need the flavors of the hops but a strong yeast and wheat that pairs well with it. 
Portsmouth Brewery: Great atmosphere and decent beer, definitively worth stopping at! 

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