Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prohibition Pig

It ain't no Alchemist, but it'll do

While in Vermont for my Sister-in-Law's I decided to make a venture by myself on Sunday, a few hours before the wedding to where my favorite place used to be. The Alchemist pub and brewery used to be located in downtown Waterbury before Hurricane Irene. This place was the best; anytime we were in Vermont we always stopped by and tried the latest brews on tap. The hurricane wiped it out and instead of reopening they rented the restaurant space out to another group and moved their operation to the cannery (which I stopped at on Saturday).

At the cannery...soon to be a
shrine in my house
This group runs, what is now known as the Prohibition Pig. It's a pub that kept a lot of The Alchemist charm but updated it to a modern look and had a huge selection of liquor. Of course that’s not why I was there. Not only did they have Heady Topper on tap but they had a wide selection of Hill Farmstead on tap.

I first tried Abner, which is Hill Farmstead's Double IPA. What’s great about the names of the beers, is that they are named after family members so if you go to their website you can read a little of the history of the beer. Another interesting fact about the beer is that theoretically is has 170 ibu's, which is more than even the most sophisticated taste buds can taste somewhere around 100 to 150 ibu's. The beer was great; it was smooth and slightly filtered because of the yeast. There was a slight pineyness (new, made up word) to go with the citrus flavors. It was an excellent mixture of hops. 

It does look slightly filtered
The next beer that I tasted was "What is Enlightenment". This was a pale ale offering (yeah I know I should have gone pale first but I can taste however I want) as part of their philosophical line. This beer was also very good. It was a bit lighter that Abner, since Abner was a double ipa. The Simcoe and Amarillo hops blend well together. Overall it would have been a nice session beer, I'm not sure of the ibu's or abv but I could drink many of them.

look, its the same but not
I had Enlightenment with my burger and sweet potato fries. The burger was local and grass fed and it tasted great. I add some of their homemade bacon barbecue sauce, which has bacon in it, so that was awesome. The burger was cooked just like I liked it, medium rare, closer to rare a.k.a. it was very juicy. One thing that the Alchemist had with their sweet potato fries that I miss was their maple mustard.

My stomach was shouting Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.
The final beer I had after dinner was from another small micro brewery in Waitsfield called Lawson's Finest. The pig had their Chinooker'd IPA.  The beer is one of their award winning beers and is extremely hoppy full of Chinook hops. This is a beer that I could drink over and over again. Unfortunately, they are so small that Sean Lawson delivers once a week to one store in Warren and to get their beer you need to be at the Warren store within the day or else you can't  get it, it's almost as hard is getting the Heady Topper

Look at that clear beer, it's surely Chinook'd

Prohibition Pig: Very good, Great Beer Selection

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