Friday, August 3, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

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Trilogy's are hit and miss movies. They fall into categories like this: 

Movie 1 Good, Movie 2 Bad, Movie 3 Better than 2
Movie 1 Good, Movie 2 Better, Movie 3 really bad compared to the other two
Movie 1 Great, Movie 2 Amazing and Movie 3 Really Great

Most trilogies fall into these three categories. As you noticed, this is about the third Batman movie, and it falls into the last of the categories. The first two were fantastic movies and the third one really lived up to the other two.

While the Dark Knight had a lot of senseless violence, that is what the Joker went for, complete Anarchy. Violence that just doesn't make sense, more of an arachicst approach. Dark Knight Rises main bad guy Bane, was more of an organized violence and in many ways much more brutal. As you learn from the movie he set out to finish Ra's Al Ghul purpose, swinging the trilogy all the way around back to the first movie.

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Also mixed in was Selena Kyle/Catwoman, who was an ambiguous character throughout, you could tell that she wasn't completely bad but she did commit crimes. Anne Hathaway was the surprise performance of the movie, she was sly, seductive and charming all in one.The other new additions were Joseph Gordon-Levitt  as Detective John Blake and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate.

This movie overall was darker and some might say bleaker as Gotham's most powerful lost everything and their lie to control the city crumbled. The movie was more about like the end of the world than any of the other Batman movies. 

Like Batman, this movie was the one that we needed, not the one that we wanted

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