Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer is Long Gone!

What a beautiful day to end summer!
Last week started the first day of school for me at a new school. To me, even though the calendar doesn't switch to fall, summer is over! To celebrate the end of summer Kristin asked me what I want to do. In typical fashion I went to what I love, dinner and a movie. With a baby on the way we know that going out will become less and less frequent and I do love movies. 

This is what it looked like on the approach to BBQ
You can read Kristin's version of the events at planteatcreate.com 

Here is a very happy wife, looking forward to pulled pork
To kick off our night we went to Bub's BBQ. To my surprise Kristin had never been there before which is a shame. They are located in Sunderland and they have great BBQ for this area (or so I am told by everyone that grew up on Southern Food) with an all you can eat sides. This is two great reasons to go and get some ribs. 
getting ready to tear into the sides

Can you smell it, I did and left nothing behind
I chose to get a half rack of baby back ribs and pulled pork. Kristin went with just pulled pork. There was a plethora of quality sides waiting buffet style. For my first plate of sides I went with BBQ Ranch Beans, Orange Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Hickory Smoked Potatoes, Coleslaw, Fries, and Dill Potato Salad. It sounds like a lot but I took half a serving of each, this allowed me to try it all. So when I went back I got more beans and this black-eyed bean corn salad, it was great. Kristin ending up trying more of the cold bar than I did and she really enjoyed it. 

After a while our meat was ready and it was delicious. My rib meat was falling off the bone, perfectly cooked and the pulled pork had a nice sweet and spicy flavor to it. The great thing about dinner was that for all the food we eat, we paid a great price for it.

That is one satisfied wife!
Once we were done, we ventured to the movie theater in Hadley and went to see The Bourne Legacy. The movie was ok, it was interesting how they weaved a couple of story lines together but it took a little while. Throughout the movie you were waiting for big action scenes that never came. There were a couple of good chases but it lacked the firepower of the first Bourne movies. I would give the movie a Solid B, good to watch but ultimately forgettable.

So that is how we decided to end summer, by enjoying good food and a new movie.

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