Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Warrior Dash 2012

Dirty Mouth....Yup, that water is now full of mud

This past Saturday a few friends and I went on an adventure together. We traveled to Thompson Motor Speedway in Connecticut to run in the Warrior Dash, a grueling 5k with a number of obstacles included but not limited to running through fire, crawling in mud and climbing over cars. This day, this event ranks as one of the coolest things I have ever participated in, and I would do it again tomorrow. Even though my body is aching all over, something about scaling walls and pulling yourself over makes muscles you never knew you had hurt a lot. 

Team Game of Thrones: We Do Not Sow!
The more time that has passed since the event, the more I have been able to dwell upon it. Before the race you need to sign a waiver that basically says if you die it is not the courses fault. So they are telling you that this is dangerous and you could seriously be hurt. An overly cautious person would be like wait a minute, the truth is that living life is dangerous and we take chances with our life every day. 

That was one of the many walls we climbed
Work has been tough on me since I started at my new school. With this new school there are a lot of changes to what I teach, how I can teach it and being in a new districts, lots of new requirements to adhere to. I have come into a hostile environment where the students don't like each other and don't know how to properly deal with it. Despite my best efforts, I think this is going to be a challenge all year. 

How does this apply to the Dash you may ask? Throughout the running of this race you have outs, you could go around all of the obstacles, not participate in them. I also was running with a group and we encouraged each other through each obstacle, we are not alone. Despite how hard something was on the course I had people around that encouraged to complete it. These are the same people that I can count on when I get discouraged at work to remind me of why I do what I do.

This is cheaper than the spa, and hurts more too!
Life is a race with a lot of ups and downs and at times we don't understand why things are happening the way they are. The Warrior Dash is a race designed to be challenging, test your will power. At one point we had to climb a rope up a wall that was at least fifteen to twenty feet high. You read that right 15 to 20 feet high with nothing but rope, you’re not tied in, no one is holding tied. 

After the race you feel like you can do anything, you just completed a 5k where you had to climb walls, jump through fire and generally risk your well being. There is no other feeling like it; the race has lifted my spirits, which of course I hope carries over for a long time.

That is one of my teammates covered
from head to toe...literally
I encourage all of you to sign up next year to run the race. As a team we went with Game of Throne t shirts as our badge of unity, next year who knows how we’ll dress.

 Check out the other pictures below

This is how you become a warrior!
Harder, better, faster, stronger
Next year you too could look like this!

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