Saturday, October 20, 2012

Movie: Argo

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Before our baby comes we wanted to go out and enjoy as many movies as possible since it will become difficult to do that once the baby is here. So last week we went to the movies and saw Argo. 

The movie was by far the best movie of the year so far...I'm holding out for the Hobbit to be the best. Ben Affleck has shown once again he is a superb director and proving that he doesn't to rely on Boston for his movie. The movie is about a real life C.I.A. whose job was to pull people out of life threatening situations. This particular story is about 6 U.S. diplomats who were hiding in the Canadian Ambassador's house in Tehran. The 6 diplomats escaped the U.S. Embassy after it was overrun by young Iranian protesters. This all took place during the Iran Hostage Crisis. 

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They came up with this crazy plan to get the six hiding diplomats by creating a fake movie. The C.I.A. went to great lengths to make this work including setting up a fake studio, with fake credentials. 

The acting in the movie was fantastic, the story was strong. Sometimes with true stories they run a little slow because well there true. This movie does not do that. Affleck does a great service to the story by keeping it real and at some points a little funny. This too good to be true story is another in a long line of great writing and directing.

Affleck's second career as a director looks like a winner and this movie should get him nominated as both director and a movie.

Argo: A

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