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Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2010 vs 2012

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On Friday, October 26 Amherst Brewing Company had their taps taken over by Sierra Nevada for one night and one night only. As a lover of Sierra Nevada beer I felt I must go, Kristin and I brought her parents along for the night, especially since her father loves Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The beers that took over the taps were:

  • Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Hop Syndicate
  • Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Imperial Pilsner
  • Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Floral IPA
  • Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Oatmeal Stout
  • Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Imperial Red
  • Ovila Quad
  • Sierra Nevada 2010 Bigfoot Barleywine
  • Sierra Nevada 2012 Bigfoot Barleywine
  • Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale
  • Sierra Nevada Hoptimum Imperial IPA
  • Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale
  • Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale through T.E.D. packed with whole Magnum and Cascade Hops
While many of the beers that I tried on this list were really good. I really enjoyed Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale, and the Beer Camp IPA's. What really excited me was the opportunity to taste two different years of Bigfoot. I'm not going to lie, Barleywine's are not near the top of my beer choice lists. In fact I normally would not grab one to drink from the store but how often can you have two beers side to side to compare. So I took the Bigfoot challenge...I think I just made that up.

Bigfoot 2010 vs. Bigfoot 2012...
Let the throwdown begin.

Do you know which is which? I Do!!


Bigfoot 2010
Bigfoot 2012
This beer was slightly darker and a bit cloudier compared to its updated edition. Bigfoot was smooth, with a heavy malt taste to it. The beer was more of a desert beer and didn’t taste like bigfoot. It was a bit more complex. I could taste a roasted grain flavor that I couldn’t identify. When the beer came out it was considered a hop forward beer but those notes didn’t come out in this one.
For a barleywine Bigfoot was fairly light in color compared to its counterpart. This picture does not do it justice. This beer can be classified as a hop forward barleywine and it lived up to it. This one is how I remembered Bigfoot tasting, for those of you who don’t know. Bigfoot only comes out once a year, or is known as a seasonal beer.

And The Winner is................................................

Bigfoot 2010

Now go and take the Bigfoot Challenge before it's too late!

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