Monday, November 26, 2012

Unita Brewing

Our friends know us really well, upon arrival of Callum Elijah Thomas; our friends the Hebda's brought us a little gift. Along with a cute little outfit for Callum, the bag contained two different beers, both from a brewery that I have never had before, Uinta Brewing Company. The Brewing Company is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The brewery began in 1993 as a little operation but like nearly every brewery it took off and grew at a fast rate. They even began working toward becoming an organic brewery, which is no small feat. Since 2001, Uinta runs on wind power and ten years later they added solar-electric paneling. 

The two beers that they brought to us were WYLD Extra Pale Ale and Hop Notch IPA. Both were quite good and are beers that I would buy again. 

Hop Notch IPA is part of their classic line. It's an IPA with an IBU count of 82 and an ABV of 7.3. This beer is well balanced and hop forward at the same time. The beer has a strong citrus taste with hints of pine and is balanced out by the sweetness of the malt that they chose to you. When in hits your mouth all you can think of is how fresh the beer is.

WYLD is pale ale that is hop forward. The beer is lighter bodied than most pale ales. For this beer to be hopped forward they must have used a good amount of dry hops to give it a strong hoppy flavor. This beer, for all the hops has an IBU count of 29, which is really low. Uinta doesn't list on their website the abv but if I had to guess it would come in around 3.5/4%, which is low for the quality of this beer.

Uinta Brewing: Solid A, go and get it now!

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