Monday, January 28, 2013

Latest Brewing Concoction From the soon to be named Brewery

I have come to love brewing beer so much that I am starting to create my own recipes. The great thing about creating something is that you can continually tweak it till you get it just right. As I began thinking about what I want my best beer to be, I decided that I wanted to make it a wheat IPA. For the past year I have continually sought out various types of IPA's and wheat IPA is one that I have not been able to find commercially, regularly. The best one that I have ever had was LittleSumpin Sumpin from Lagunitas and 80 Acre from Boulevard Brewery. Both though label themselves as hoppy wheat ale not an IPA. Both are good and will be reviewed at some point on this blog but they have inspired me to build my own recipe. Who knows it could even become a flagship beer for my brewery that I will own one day.

There it is, the first edition of the Resistance Wheat IPA

The ingredients for this beer follow as:

1 pound Dark Wheat Malt

6 pounds dry extract Pilsen Dry Malt Extract 3lbs

1 ounce Summit Leaf Hops

1 ounce Galaxy Hops

Wyest American Wheat 1010

Dry Hopped with 1 ounce Galaxy

3/4 cup sugar for bottling

Originally I had purchased 3 pounds of dry wheat malt but I was sent regular malt instead. So for this round the beer just had a small taste of wheat in it. Which of course was fine since I was trying new yeast and attempting to use a partial mash? 

The beer came out a little over carbonated and also wasn't as bitter as I hoped. The beer had a nice nose to it and a little black currant note to it, due to the Galaxy hops used in dry hopping. The beer also lacked some clarity, which is due to the lack of filtering.  Overall the beer was ok.

So I will enjoy my home brew and go back the drawing board with this recipe. If you have any thoughts then leave a comment.

Update: So I typed this post a few weeks ago, thinking the beer was ready then but I opened a growler this past weekend and it was excellent, carbonation was spot on and the mixture of the wheat and hops went well together. I still think though that I will try different hop combinations and next type more wheat malt.

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