Monday, January 21, 2013

Movie: This is 40

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A few weeks ago Kristin and I went on our first date night since Callum was born; we enjoyed burgers and then went to a movie. While we love action movies and Les Mis looked really good we decided to go for the laughs. This led us to going to watch This is 40. The trailers made the movie look really funny and it delivered

The movie starred Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann and her two daughters, plus a whole host of other actors. Paul Rudd's Pete and Leslie Man's Debbie and are a married couple who are turning 40 the same week and are trying to address the different issues that they are having. Pete owns a record label which is struggling so he is keeping it a secret from his wife, while she is having issues of her own.
One of the good things about this movie is that throughout all of the struggles divorce never came up. So often in our society we look for the easy way out, when the going gets tough we quit. While the couple is short of being perfect, they still believe that they need to work out the issues. 

The best part of the movie though is the two daughters. They are hilarious, the oldest one is going through puberty and is addicted to the TV show Lost and the youngest feeds off of everyone else in the movie.

Overall this movie is excellent and completely worth watching

This is 40: Solid A

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