Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Books, Books, and More Books!

When one of my best friends came to visit us a couple of months back we were just shooting the breeze. It's kind of fun but difficult; the breeze keeps moving...anyway he was talking about how he has created a list of books to read during the year. My friend is just like me, we both end up with a lot of books but we never have time to finish reading them, or even begin. One of his resolutions was to create a list and read 12 books, one for each month. A few days after they went back home Kristin and I talked about doing it ourselves, of course we missed January and February so we began our list back in March. We are almost done April at this point and I can say proudly that I have been able to keep up. I love to read, it’s a place to learn and take adventures too far off places, but ourselves into someone else's shoes. In books there are an endless amount of places to go, see and experience. Part of the reason for starting this blog is because of books, I feel that this is a place that I can work on becoming a better writer because one day I would like to become an author. What does that book look like, I'm not sure yet but for now I can enjoy writing this blog.

At this point you may wonder what books my wife and I chose. Well I choose mostly non-fiction books and Kristin was more about switching back and forth between fiction and non-fiction. We printed up our lists and they are currently hanging on the fridge. I know the scans are hard to read so I will include a list of covers for the blog, for each book. Each month I will review the books that have been read. I may even try to get Kristin to write for the blog and review the books she has read, as you can see I am more set on my books and she included alternates...I think that this speaks to our personalities, I'm not sure though.

I understand that these lists are not that easy to see so I included the cover of each book below. Hopefully  Next week I will have a review of the first book on my List. Join me in creating a book a month list so that you too can become an avid reader.

Mike                                                                                                           Kristin










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