Monday, April 1, 2013

How to take advantage of something not in use

So Kristin and I were talking the other day about Seltzer, we drink a lot of it, especially since I have severally cut back on my diet soda intake. It is a lot less than it was a few months ago, one of my personal goals for this year. Back to the point Kristin was reading an article in organic gardening about making soda; I think it’s the third article in the past few months. We both thought that it would be fun to make soda. Since my keg is not in use we decided to try to make seltzer. When I was at the brew store I asked if they had ever tried it and the guy said that it was really easy. All I had to do was jack up the psi on the regulator with a keg full of water. All it took was a psi of 30 and 24 hours and we had seltzer.

This only works because Kristin gave me a kegerator for my birthday and therefore I can force carbonate the water. What great is that when it’s time to keg my beer all I will have lost is some water and CO2. So check it out, in the future we have some really great soda recipes that we are going to try.

There's my other baby

Check out her insides, yoazaars(?)
Yum, Lemonade Seltzer (one part lemonade, one part seltzer)
That's where the magic comes from

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