Friday, June 14, 2013

Movie: Star Trek Into Darkness

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Recently Kristin and I went to the movies and went to see Star Trek Into Darkness. This was an excellent movie in all of its movieness. The action was grand, the zingers were flying and moral dilemmas abound. If you haven't seen the movie yet...don't continue to read and go straight to the theater. (Although with Man of Steel coming out the weekend I am writing this I would also go and see that)

This movie is first and foremost an action movie, with some great fight scenes and chases. Many action movies that have been good in the last few years have had a darker side to them, something sinister that is underneath the movie. It drives the movie and sends us into a part of our heart that we wish to forget. They ask questions that make us rethink the things we believe about good and evil...I mean the best action movies sans The Avengers, think Dark Knight. Star Trek into Darkness, despite its title, isn't that type of action movie; it’s more like The Avengers minus the superheroes.

This movie we find ourselves following Kirk and the Enterprise crew on an observation mission, which turns into a save the planet mission, which puts the Captain and Spock at odds because of the rules that were passed onto them. I'm going to do my best without spoiling most of the movie. This moral dilemma has got them into trouble once they return home. On their home planet a so called terrorist bombs a building (see I could tell you want building and why but I'm not) which sets off the entire movie.

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The acting is superb including newbie to the universe Benedict Cumberbatch who plays John Harrison who really is Khan but with a more interesting back story. The delivery of the depth of anger this character is amazing. Sherlock is an amazing actor and I am looking forward to seeing him again in other movies and more Sherlock. The mainstays from Star Trek again do a great job.

If you haven't seen this movie you need to. When the movie finally becomes available to rent I want to dive into some of the moral debates in the movies, if I did now then I would give up plot points in the movie.

Star Trek into Darkness: A+

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