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In a countdown to the best festival in Vermont and quite possibly the world (not many beer fests sell out in less than 24 hours), I am going to share about some of my favorite Vermont Breweries and the things that they are up to. First up is the runner up in the Seven Days Beer Bracket: Switchback Brewery!

Months ago one of my favorite Vermont breweries began to bottle their beer. For their first ten years you could only find it on tap at almost every establishment, I would get it a lot at Marcos Pizza on Williston Road. (Best pizza in Vermont by the way) Once they finally decided to bottle it was only a matter of time that it would be a staple during my Vermont visits. The first time they were available for sale, the crew at the Brewery underestimated how many bottles they would sell. According to their facebook page Switchback sold over 100,000 bottles in five days. Which I think has to be some sort of record. They thought they were prepared for a few months but that amount of bottles took all of their reserves and they couldn't sell bottles for a few weeks until they were restocked.

All of this leads to the comparison of the beer as a draft and in the bottle. My opinion is that while both are good I think that when you find switchback on tap it’s always better. One thing to remember when drinking from the bottle that it took me after the first bottle to remember to do is to flip the bottle and swirl it, this allows the yeast to reactivate.

The beer itself has a orange citrus flavor to it, as a session beer it has a low abv. The beer is unfiltered so it has a little hazy to it.
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If you live near Vermont, visit Vermont you should stop and get a bottle, which are still hard to find. This facebook page is one that people list where they find the bottles. I usually come home with four 22's.

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