Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book: Weird: Becuase Normal isn't Working

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The second book on my list is Craig Groeschel's book Weird: Because NormalIsn't Working. Last year I read a book called The Christian Atheist and it was impactful to me. This book introduced me to Pastor Groeschel and I really connected to his style. I won’t go into The Christian Atheist as a book but it is a must read. Craig, his wife, Amy, and their six children live in Edmond, Oklahoma, where he pastors a church called

The book Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working is a straightforward book to me. The book is very practical to living. Pastor Craig (I am not sure what he likes but I for spellings sake I am going with Pastor Craig) gives us a straightforward approach to living a live that is different than those that are normal. In life many things that the average person will say are normal can be things that we are not called to be as a follower of Christ. While some will say that the book is an us verse them mentality I think that those readers may be missing the point. Throughout the book Pastor Craig looks at many things that are called the American Dream and looking at them through a biblical lens. Does God call us to have a big house with three cars and 2.5 kids eating lots of food, do these things honor God. Are we making these things idols or are we pursuing them in a Godly manner. 

The book addresses areas in everyday life: Time, Money, Relationships, Sex and Values. Each one of these areas the author looks at them as we approach them. 

The one that affected me the most from the book was the section on Time. So much of the time I say that I don't have time for things but after careful prayer and examination I was finding many things to fill my time, or even worse waste my time. It’s easy to find ways to distract myself, I don't have a.d.d but I find myself with a short attention span and can get distracted easily and I do like having noise going on around me. That part of the book was particularly challenging to me. I have been working on time issue for the last couple of months and it is difficult, being a husband, father, and teacher takes up a lot of time and I constantly found myself wanting to fill my time up with things and work. Oh, I would caution anyone who wants to go to college to become a teacher, don't do it, pay is terrible, hours are worst, it’s not respected at all and children get to walk all over you. My work takes a lot of time, more than I wish but this book challenged me to take time not focusing on being a teacher but focusing time onto God.

If you are feeling like something is missing or not quite right with your walk with God, I challenge you to pick up the book and give it a read.

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