Friday, August 9, 2013

Creative Writing Rough Draft Time!

While working at summer school I have been trying to get the students to be a little more creative in their writing. Since I taught math last year there was no creative writing taught by me. For this summer, the students I have we are spending time each day just writing stories. The first couple of days it was tough for most of them because they have been so hamstrung by the writing process and writing for testing purposes that it was difficult for them. As time went has gone on this summer it became easier for them to the point where many of them looked forward to the time. Recently the prompt I gave them was more a picture than a prompt and told them to write a story about it. I am going to share mine because I think that the picture is funny. Here is the picture:
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Title: ?

"Alright warriors, we will win the day, this house will no longer be run by the dog" 

"Jazzy is right, we can win this." 

The three cats of the house banded together to fight for freedom of the house. The dog of the house, Rufus, was a mean West Highland White Terrier, who ruled the house with an iron paw. He believed that the cats owed him and he expected them to pay. He ruled over three cats Jazzy, the oldest, Avocado the runt and Apricot the orange. The cats came together when their owners met and the dog came later when the owners had a child. The house was big, big enough for the animals to share but Rufus was a dominating figure, even though he was only a few inches taller than the cats.

With it being the fourth of July the humans were out of the house and the cats thought that today they could be victorious. Jazzy got the helmets ready for the other two cats, showed them how to get it on. 

"So ladies, this is what we are going to do, Avocado you are going to lure Rufus to the kitchen, Apricot and I will be high on the counters and once you get him into position we will drop the trap onto him and then take the wooden spoon and whack him over the head multiple times."

Apricot shyly razed her paws and asked are we going to work him over and then ask for our demands for freedom in this house and that we get our food , we get all of it."

"Yeah I want all my food, no more giving the dog my food" Apricot piped in.

"It will, are we ready...lets bring it in. One, two, three, get the dog."

Avocado runs off to get Rufus. As king of the house he always takes the coolest part of the house, the living room. He also is controlling the television, so the only thin that is on when he is watching tv is the stupid reality shows that are so popular. I walk in and i see those stupid Kardasians talking about what clothes they are going to buy. We should make sure to demand the television too. 

"Hey Rufus"

"Go away, Kim is on talking about fashion, I think that i am going to turn you into a fur coat if you don't quit bothering me."

Avocado knew just what to say to get Rufus to chase her, "We'll you would have to catch me first Fat King."

This got Rufus riled and he jumped up off the couch, at that moment Avocado screamed and then ran the other way. Rufus was tired of the annoyance of the little cat and began to chase her. 

CRASH, a lamp hit the ground, Booking it around the corner in to the Kitchen Avocado stopped, pretending to be out of breath. The terrier came flying around the corner and spotted the cat, noticing that she was looking the other Rufus took this time to slowly creep up on her.


Jazzy and Apricot pushed the metal colander over the top of the dog and then jumped down on top of it.

This is as far as I got, maybe later I will share some more of the silly stories that I worked on during the summer and for your information most of the students turned the cat into a ninja cat if you were curious.

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