Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vermont Brewers Festival 2013 Part 2

After the chocolate tasting we got lunch, I chose tacos from Prohibition Pig and they were delicious. I paired them with this beer from Crop Bistro and Brewery.
Crop Bistro & Brewery: Idyletyme India Pale Ale: A good standard IPA that you can stand by, nothing too special
Harpoon: White IPA: the beer was a bit spicy from the coriander otherwise a good white IPA

Wormtown: Be Hoppy on Cask with Fresh Hops: Great IPA and its even better on Cask with Fresh Hops, its fantastic
Drop In Brewery: Red Dwarf: This is an Amber Ale made with West Coast hops and yeast. The beer is really well hopped and quite enjoyable.

Lagunitas: Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale: I'm not sure what kind of beer this was, it tasted like a ESB but it was it was maltier than a normal ESB.
Long Trail: Red IPA: The beer was not listed in the guide, for an Amber IPA this one was ok, if it were me I would use a slightly stronger aroma hops. The festival was coming to a close so the pictures become a little less clear.
Switchback: Roasted Red Ale: This is a fantastic beer, one that I found bottles of to bring home with me.
To end the festival I ran back to Green Flash to end my day.
It was an excellent brewers fest overall and I still feel even two weeks later that the two best beers I had were Hodad from Fiddlehead and Citra Session IPA. We will see you next year for my 10 year anniversary for the Vermont Brewers Festival.

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