Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Rocks!!

With the closing of another month comes another month of Mike Likes....I am still working on a catchy title.

This month starts the beginning of the school year and more importantly...we bought a house, as of the 30th of the month. We are homeowners and it is crazy awesome. So the first thing I am digging this month is our new house. As time goes on there will be projects and parties that I will post about...included the making of a home bar. It'll be awesome.

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The next thing I am digging this month is Fiddlehead brewery, the brewery is a small Vermont microbrewery that makes an excellent IPA. It would probably be my one beer I can have the rest of my life if I was trapped on an island. They also make a plethora of other beers. When we visited the brewery they had two other beers on tap and we narrowly missed my new favorite beer Hodad. They had on Tap Golden Grillz and Shelburne Museum ESB. Both were fantastic, Golden Grillz is a pilsner malt based Ale with a light hop presence and Shelburne Museum ESB which is just an ESB that was brewed in honor of something to do with Shelburne Museum, it was standard for an unfiltered ESB.

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The last thing I am digging on this month is the TV show Under the Dome. Kristin and I signed up for Amazon Prime last month, so I could get her birthday gift on time. During this time Kristin fell in love with the DIY network and one show in particular, Rehab Addict. Check out some episodes, I was pulled in too. The good thing for us is that we gave Under the Dome a try and we got really into it and now we are bummed that we can't watch it anymore. Under the Dome is exclusively on Amazon Prime after it airs Monday nights at 10. If you know Kristin, she goes to sleep well before that time and me; I wanted to watch it with her so I would forgo watching it at 10 while I was awake. What we both liked about the show is that it had some elements of another favorite show, Jericho. In UTD a dome encapsulates the entire town and only a few people knew it was coming. The main characters all have secrets that they don't want to be found out. So to finish up season 1 of the show I either have to download it illegally (not gonna happen) or wait till its out to rent or buy.
So those are the things I am digging this month, what about you?

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