Monday, September 23, 2013

Funny Man

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. Sometimes comedians are just a little too lenient with the amount of cussing involved in their act so you get a little bored with it. For examples, Dane Cook can be very funny, watch this bit below:

He can be funny but the swearing can get to you, especially if you don't use the language. This has led me to find something funny so when I was surfing YouTube for funny people I ran across this little bit from this guy Jim Gaffigan. 

Which then lead to listening to other bits and then on the humor page on Pinterest. This guy is hilarious. He jokes about living in a two bedroom apartment with five kids and his wife in New York City. His latest is a memoir called Dad is Fat; it's about his life right now with five little children. I am looking forward to reading it. If you go to YouTube you can find more bits and there are two of his specials on Netflix that are great. So if you are looking for a really funny guy to listen to check him out.

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