Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Naming a Brewery is hard!

Now that I have a kegerator I have been brewing as much as I can. Since I last posted about brewing I have made a few beers which I talk about in later posts. The reason I haven't talked about it as much is because I am starting the process of trying to start my own brewery. Some of you might be thinking way to go; I know you can do it, blah blah blah. I don't know how many of you have ever started a business without a business background but I can tell you that it’s difficult. As I have been working on my mission and vision (the reasons I'm doing what I am doing). For me though it will be a slow process with the first thing I need to do is continue working on my skills as a home brewer and who knows maybe even intern for a couple of summers at a brewery, go to brewing school in Vermont, ultimately I just need to continue to grow and watch the market. Right now in this country there are over 2,000 production breweries with another 1,000 in planning, which means there is a lot of breweries out there. I think that waiting for a few years might be a good thing on that front, just to see what happens from an industry standpoint. Another reason to go slow is that Kristin and I have a lot of student debt that we feel needs to be eliminated before I pursue this dream hard. There are a number of things that we would like to have done first like no loans before I jump in. This also pushes back my dreams. I think the process is time consuming and right now my time is limited as a teacher but I need to put my family and their well being above my dreams and take care of them first.

Other than creating a mission and vision one of the first things that the business self help books recommends is finding a name and trademarking it. As I mentioned above there are approximately 3,000 breweries in the US. I have found that the brewing industry is a crowded one, one where there are many names taken, one where it is increasingly difficult to find a name that I like.

For example my top three names are already names of other breweries, they are each at different levels but nonetheless the name is taken. Then there is the idea of the meaning of words. I am not a wordologist, so just because it sounds nice it doesn't mean that it should be used.

Some names that I have dismissed even though I like the sound. This is the list of brewery names that are currently not taken.

1st Generation Brewery

Paperthin Hymn Brewing

Final Elegy Brewing

Little Tyrants Brewery

Afterglow Brewery
 Crescendo brewing
Riot Brewery
Finally Free Brewing
Transplants Brewing (already taken)
Paper Tigers Brewery

Since I began this process I began to look into buying a name so that I can use it in the future but...the one that I like Riot Brewery. I looked into buying the name Riot Brewing Company and that was already purchased but nothing attached to it, so I went with Riot Brewery. Soon it will be a up and running website but for now I own the name.

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  1. Hello Mike!! We are Transplants Brewing Company www.facebook.com/TransplantsBrewing , www.transplantsbrewing.com . We have are still homebrewers but have filed our DBA (Doing Business As) with the state of CA and have thus reserved the name Transplants Brewing/ Transplants Brewing Company. We have been using this name for a little over a year and plan to make a business of it in the near future. We are "transplants" from Chicago to LA.. (moved from Chicago to LA) so that is part of where the name came from for us. So.. you can take Transplants Brewing off your list! Best off luck with your brewery!! Check us out on Facebook!