Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September and October Rocks!!

So I just realized that I totally missed my September rocks so I am going to combine the two months, which is good since September was so busy with moving and all. So the first thing on the Septober (yeah I combined them and spell check is going crazy) is the brand new house.

Yes, we bought a house!!
We recently finalized the purchased of our first home. One of the nice things is that we only moved a mile or so away, so it was an easy move. The house is great; it’s a single floor ranch with a good layout. We are the second owners of the house and it has a huge basement and a good sized garage. Plenty of room to build a bar and a home brewery to get Riot Brewery started. We are very excited and after a couple of layers of paint in the kitchen and dining room it looks a couple of decades younger. It's amazing the job that paint can do to a room.

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The next thing that rocks is the movie Now You See Me. The movie is about these four magicians who receive a special card that leads them together. One of the great things about the movie is you see each magician doing their own act first, each one is a viable showman and after watching each of them work you see that they end up complementing each other. The cards bring them together and it fast forwards a year later where they are the biggest magician's act in Vegas. From this point you learn that they are connected to various cases being investigated by the FBI, the movie takes off from there. This is one movie that truly surprised me when I watched. If you haven't see go, run and see it.

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The last thing I am going to talk about is Barleyfest. Barleyfest is an event that Valley Malt does to celebrate growing malt in New England and making truly local beer. They make great malt that I have used a half dozen times in making my own beer. At Barleyfest there were a couple of home brew demonstrations, great local food and of course the beer was brewed with local barley and some local hops. Kristin, Callum and our good friend Jeff went on the cool fall day. We enjoyed local beers from Rising Tide, Jack's Abbey, Ipswich Brewing, Trillium and People's Pint. They were all excellent beers. Also the pulled pork we ate was fantastic and we can't wait to go back next year.
It's soo much funny daddy, can I have a sip please?

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