Monday, December 9, 2013

Cambridge House Brew Pub

Recently The Cambridge House had a tasting at Table and Vine. Not having their beer before I thought this would be a good way to try their beer without making the trip to Granby. In order of how the pictures were taken the first beer we tried was their stout. It was defiantly lightly brewed, the chocolate and roasted barley both came through but they were not strong. The beer is at a 4.2% abv and overall is very light and for my preference is not to coffee tasting.

The next beer we tasted was Big Hoppy. It’s a double IPA coming in at 9% abv and a full 75 ibu's. The beer is in the style of a British Style IPA. While the abv is high and so is the ibu's the beer is very smooth and drinkable. There is a strong caramel taste in the beer, not unusual for the style of beer being a British Style IPA. For me it was too much on the malt side, I prefer my Double IPA's to be hop bombs. 

The next beer on the taster was the IPA. This beer is an English Style IPA. The beer was by far my favorite out of them. This beer is well balanced at 6.9%, which is high on the ABV scale for IPA's. For me there was a lot more of a hop presence than Big Hoppy. It was clean, crisp and very fruitful. The hops utilized for this beer give it a grape fruity taste. 

The final beer was their lightest offering, for many people an introduction to craft beer starts at the Kolsh level. The beer is light and flavorful and brewed in the classically style for Kolsh beer. It was lightly hops and the yeast does most of the heavy lifting for the beer. Why most new craft beer drinkers are drawn to this type of beer is because it is similar enough in look (that's how most people start their taste buds) and the lightness of hops does not drive people away.

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