Monday, March 31, 2014

CMT Crossroads...Almost worth getting cable for!

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One of the great things about having high speed internet is that you can watch TV shows online. One that I have loved for a while is CMTCrossroads. I have seen a number of them have and loved most of them that I have seen. Being able to watch them live was great when we had cable, although that was a long time ago. Today we have a cheap cable deal and soon we will be canceling it and just keeping the internet, so finding ways to watch shows we like can be a challenge. Youtube has a bunch of past videos dating all the way back to when they first started. Old classics crossroads with James Taylor, Bon Jovi, Lindsey Buckingham, and Bryan Adams

CMT has a bunch of episodes of their shows online and luckily for me they keep Crossroads updated. The last two Crossroads that were created included One Republic with Dierks Bentley and Fall Out Boy with The Band Perry. Both episodes were excellent has the bands melded together beautifully.

Let's talk about The Band Perry and Fall Out Boy first. Both bands worked well together and the lead singer for The Band Perry Kimberly Perry sounds amazing singing Fall Out Boy songs. The two bands were a lot of fun overall, so take a peek at a couple of the videos. 

Alone Together


While this show was good I thought that Dierks Bentley and One Republic was outstanding. Ryan Tedder and Dierks Bentley's voices are different enough that they meld together extremely well. (Did I just use meld in two different paragraphs...I need to use a thesaurus if this happens again) Each song is awesome and it seems like these guys have been friends for years. So sit back and enjoy these next few videos.

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