Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Veronica Mars Movie

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Veronica Mars is one of our favorite shows at our house. Before binge TV was cool we were doing it. This show happened to be one of the first shows that we watched that way. The three seasons were excellent and then there was nothing. I mean show was cancelled, apparently having low ratings on the lowest of TV channels, which changed companies during the time of production of the show was enough to end it prematurely. 

For those who do not know, Veronica Mars is a TV show that is part Nancy Drew part noir film told from a female protagonist point of view. Each season revolved around one central mystery involving the main characters. If you haven't seen the shows you should they are excellent and worth every dime you spend on it.

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The show found life on DVD and the following began to grow. Since it was cancelled every one of the marshmallows was calling for a movie. After a number of years and tries the project made its way to kick starter and BOOM a movie was born.

As a fan of the show we watched the movie with hopeful excitement and cautious hearts. As with many things time can either bring awesomeness or destroy it forever. The movie played out like a season on fast forward. Overall the movie was done really well and well worth the $6 to watch it at home. There were parts that were slow, side stories that could have been developed more but this is a movie and not a series.

So go spend your hard earned money and watch this movie. Although you should watch the show first if you have not seen it yet, the movie won’t make a lot of sense or you'll feel like you are missing something.

Veronica Mars TV Show: A
Veronica Mars Movie: A-

You can find the movie available online at VUDU, Amazon and iTunes

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