Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Riot Brewery Update

I realized I haven't posted any information about the future brewery. I am working on filling out the proper paperwork. From what I can ascertain there is no current brewery operating under the Riot name, I am waiting back on the trademarks for the name so that I have no worries about it. I am also filling out the proper forms so that I could sell my brews at local farmers markets. It’s a lot of paperwork but I am working on filling them out. The business aspect is all new to me so I am working on it.
Part of my current setup
Love me some
carboy action!

On the beer side of things I have had a number of recipes that I am working on, currently fermenting is grapefruit pale ale, which will have grapefruit peel added to it. On tap at the moment is a Citra session IPA, it's only a session because I made a mistake with the amount of water that was used. Another IPA which scored a silver certificate in the AHA competition, the beer was ok, not the best that I have made before. We have also had a Black and Brown IPA, and a Hoppy Irish Red Ale. So I have been busy but that's life.

Here are a few pictures of my current 5 gallon set up, it’s been great having a house that has the room inside and out to brew.
Raspberry Wheat
Hoppy Irish Red Ale
Another IPA
Black and Brown IPA

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