Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 Vermont Brewers Festival

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Every year the third week in July comes with much fanfare. It's the most exciting weekend of the summer; it’s the Vermont Brewers festival. Once I arrived home I sat down with a beer from Finch Brewery Company, one of the many spoils from Vermont although the beer itself is from Chicago, and began to review my time at the festival. I looked up at all my glasses from the years that we have gone to the festival and realized that this year was my 11th festival, 11 years of going down to the waterfront and enjoy so many different and new breweries. Each year it continues to grow and grow, and this year I decided to take another approach to the festival this year. For this year I decided to go to as many different breweries, new breweries that I could, but of course since I made up my rules I allowed myself a couple of breweries that I had gone to before.

This was the order:

Hill Farmstead: Arthur
14th Star: Berliner Weiss: I had it with the Raspberry syrup, this I am told is the traditional way
Crop: Idletyme IPA
1st Republic: Republic Pale Ale
Stone Corral: Palomino Pale Ale
Burlington Beer Company: Margarita Gose
Madison Brewing Co: Hopback IPA
Infinity: American Double IPA
Drop-In Brewery: Supernova IPA
Mystic: India Wharf Pale Ale
Chocolate Pairing With Zero Gravity Paul & Oates Saison, Queen City Landlady ESB, Stone Corral Latigo Scottish Ale, Harpoon Chocolate Cherry Porter
Four Quarters: Opus Humulus
Prohibition Pig: Pro Pig Extra Pale Ale
Wormtown: Pale for ALS
Foley Brothers: Ginger Wheat

In years past I always felt like I had extra tickets but this year with so many low abv beers I felt like I lost some somewhere. Also another thing to note, I didn't go to Lawson’s, Fiddlehead, Alchemist, Allagash, Magic Hat, Otter Creek, Harpoon, Switchback, Zero Gravity, Jacks Abbey, Sixpoint, Smutty because I either brought them home with me (Fiddlehead, Alchemist, Switchback, Zero Gravity) or I have access to them at home. These are some of my favorite breweries so I felt if I really wanted to try something new I couldn't go to my standbys. Plus Alchemist and Lawson's had really long lines.

Another thing to note, I love hoppy beer, 5 out of my 15 tickets went to IPA's I really tried to stretch. On the other hand many of the Pale Ales weren't too far away from being IPA's. Instead of talking about all of the beers, they were great, not a single one poured out, I am just going to show you the wonderful pictures I took of all my beers with a very catchy song.

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time sweetie....Thank you for sharing....What one was your favorite ?

  2. I think the it would have to be the Extra Pale Ale from Prohibition Pig! Wormtown and Hill Farmstead were also excellent