Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Busy...Busy....Busy....I Should Go To Sleep

Oh my gosh, has it been a month since I last posted, I guess it has. For those who regularly read me I apologize for the black out, this school year has been insane to start with. I still don't feel like I have my bearings, so for now the posts will be sporadic, as I find free time to write.

This one too will be a little short since it is almost 11:00 at night...So what's new? That would be the question huh! Well for one we are expecting a second child; this was a bit of a surprise. Well as much of a surprise as being married and having kids can be. Our first Callum is growing up well, almost 2. He is such a joy to be around and learns new things every day. For example with prompting he can say the alphabet, basically repeating me when I say it. 

A creative way to share great news...what to do when we talk about the sex now

Other things that are new for me is that I was in a home brew competition, I did well enough that I had many people drink it and tell me they liked it and one of the professional brewers voted for me. The dream is still alive, one day there will be a brewery that I work at and possible own.

Also I have tried a number of new breweries and they will be posted about, at least the ones I really like, not saying any were bad, I took beer home from all of them.
Great Brewery in Lee, MA

Life has been crazy and despite all of the fun things listed it has been one of the most trying months I have experienced in a long time. I know that God is good and it seems lately that all my strength comes from him.

I will try to post more in the coming days but we will see how busy it gets.

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