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Abandon Building Brewery...first you have to find it!

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Sometimes you have to work to find good beer. This was one of those times. If I hadn't looked up the directions on their website I probably would still be doing circles around the mills in Easthampton. Luckily their website is extremely accurate and finding the brewery was easy. Using an room in the old mill, Abandoned Building Brewery is producing excellent beer. Upon the first visit I tried both Lola's Saison and Pennhurst Pale Ale.

Easthampton is quickly becoming a hotbed for craft beer as Abandoned Building is the first of three breweries to open. They are also quickly becoming part of the community, having many art nights and other community events. When you walk into the brewery you are sure to catch a local artist's work hanging or when we visited the brewery, a large sculpture in the room.

Lola's Saison is an excellent example of a Farmhouse Ale. One of the great facts about the beer is that 40 % of the malt build is from local maltsters. At 5% abv and 20 ibu's this beer is easy to drink

The Pennhurst Pale Ale is a tasty pale Ale that uses 3C's of hops and more local malt from Valley Malt. Well-balanced with a little bitterness that is pleasing on the tongue; this pale ale is great anytime of the year. 

This brewery is one to watch out for in Western Mass and the rest of this state. So go and check it out, and take Lola home with you.

I am going to include their directions because you can get much clearer directions.

  • If you’re by Eastworks, head down Pleasant Street, past the mill buildings, traveling away from Easthampton’s Center.
  • After Mill 180, turn down the American Legion driveway off of Pleasant Street.
  • If you’re coming from Northampton, the driveway will be on the  left after the American Legion building.
  • Follow the driveway back behind the red brick mill buildings on the  right. If you travel over the railroad tracks, you’re heading in the correct direction.
  • Keep following the driveway as it narrows past the tall brick smokestack.
  • Continue straight until you are in front of the building on the right that has a “Yankee Plastics” sign over the front door. There is a lot of construction in the parking lot.
  • There are two options for entering the building.
1)Enter the building under the Yankee Plastics sign, turn left down the hallway for about 100 feet.
2)Enter the double doors at the gray cinder block building with the ramp next to the “Abandoned Building Brewery’  Banner. Continue straight.
  • Brewery is behind large double steel doors.

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