Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Movie Review: Chef

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Generally at our house we watch big, bombastic action movies with a great story or a seedy police/military thriller (although we do like to avoid nudity as much as possible) that keeps us guess for the duration of the movie. Chef is not one of those movies. If you have read me long enough I try to keep as tight lipped about the premise of the movie as I can without giving too much away and I promise to do my best with this movie.

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Chef was written and directed by Jon Favreau from Elf, Zathura, Swingers and oh yeah Iron Man fame. He stars as a five star chef working at a restaurant. We pick up in the story where he is a divorced father and about to be judged by the biggest food critic in town. The events that follow this encounter are severally funny and lead to him losing his job. Rutterless he begins to pick his life back up. I mean the events were extremely funny and you have to watch. So he decides to listen to his ex wife and travels to Miami and ends up getting a food truck. This was also another great set of scenes with both his son and his ex-wife's ex. He then drives the truck cross-country and with any great travel story you watch him change and become a better man, not without fault but a better man.

Stories like this uplifting because no matter your situation you can make it better by changing your way of thinking and that is what he does. This movie came out at the beginning of the summer and stayed in theaters for a number of months. 

Movie Score: 4/5

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