Saturday, January 3, 2015

Anberlin...Missing You Already

Earlier this year, my wife and I's favorite band Anberlin announced that they were leaving the music business as a band. They have decided to call it a day. Quit is a harsh word and I don't feel like quitting is what they were doing. After touring together for 11+ years I would imagine that life outside the band starts to set in and desires change. Whatever the reasons they were doing a final world tour. Now I have seen them on tour about 6 or 7 times, the only other bands I have seen that many times is Switchfoot and Guster. When the cities album came out I saw them twice on that tour, once in Boston with Bayside, Meg and Dia and Jonezetta and in Montreal with Daphne Loves Derby, Jonezetta and it was awesome. The Boston show was sold out and the Montreal show I think there was about 100 people total in the crowd. It was fantastic! 

Being at the show they had screens showing the bands if you were in a bad place to see which makes me hope that 2015 will release a live DVD/CD of one of the shows. A few days later they had one of the shows live on Yahoo. So I am crossing my fingers and holding out.

Being in Boston they added a special song that they had yet to play on tour and with the tour ending in a couple of weeks I would think they may have not played the song again. Once again the show was awesome and was well worth the wait, we ordered tickets the day they went on sale. If you haven't listen to them before, or have any clue I would suggest you start with Cities and work around the albums. 

Being their final tour there were a few songs I was really hoping to hear that they ended up not playing, so I will add the videos on via links. I was really hoping for Inevitable, Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights), and You Belong Here

The Setlist from that night:
  1. Never Take Friendship Personal 
  2. We Owe This to Ourselves 
  3. Paperthin Hymn 
  4. Self-Starter 
  5. Glass to the Arson  (Tour debut)
  6. We Are Destroyer 
  7. Someone Anyone 
  8. Other Side 
  9. (The Symphony of) Blasé 
  10. Take Me (As You Found Me) 
  11. The Unwinding Cable Car 
  12. Impossible 
  13. Breaking 
  14. A Day Late 
  15. Dismantle.Repair. 
  16. Alexithymia 
  17. The Resistance 
  18. Godspeed 
  19. Feel Good Drag 
  20. Encore:
  21. (*Fin) 
Another thing to note from the show is that Mike Herrera opened the show and I have quite a memorable MXPX story that I'll share one day but he was awesome. I don't remember the other opening band but they were a very good band also. They reside in Boston.

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