Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tree House Brewery

Finally!!!!!! I have lived within a short driving distance to Tree house Brewery since they've been open. It took the first weekend this past January to actually get beer. I apparently in my other attempts didn't look up to see if there was any special events at the brewery which in turn made for long lines and having time sensitive things going on those days it didn't dawn on me that the popularity of the brewery is on level with Hill Farmstead waits. Two hours with a toddler was not going to happen.

This past school vacation we were not planning on going anywhere so I told my wife there were only a couple of things I wanted to do over vacation and Treehouse was one of them. It was a pretty drive up to Monsoon with a little snow tucked away in cold, shaded areas.

What a surprise when I arrived at the brewery on a Saturday morning and there were only a few cars there. The tasting room was cozy with many friendly beer seekers that morning but the two hour lines, non-existent. I was even able to get tasters and have room to enjoy them.

They only had three beers on tap for the day and I was ready to just get three growlers of Tornado, one of their pale ales. As you might now I am not a stout or porter drinker, mostly because if I can taste the coffee grains I don't like it that much. With that said I sample the two that was possible, one of the beers was a special offering that was unannounced. The first beer I sampled was Tornado and it was in fact a tornado in my mouth, great hop presence which was full of grapefruit. It's one beer that I could drink multiple bottles of, which I did when I got home.

 The second beer I tried was That's What She Said, A milk stout. What was nice about this beer is that the coffee malts did not come through very strong. For me I am not a coffee drink so if the coffee malts are strong then there is a less chance of my enjoyment. This one was nice and chocolaty quite enjoyable. 

The last beer was Good Morning, I decided to buy it blind with the promise that if they announced the beer was available then no one would be getting beer that day because it would bring the masses in. It was an imperial coffee stout made with local maple syrup. The maple syrup was strong and overpowered the entire beer. I enjoyed it in small amounts. 

Overall it was a great day. It was a nice day with also a quick stop at Iron Duke for a pint and a growler fill.

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