Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gift making and building fun!

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As I have struggled with a lot of things this year. One way I have found clarity and joy has been building things and doing house projects. Over the summer I learned how to paint the outside our house and I began to plan for next summer and build Christmas gifts. Next summer I am redoing our back porch, building pallet furniture. This is something that I have gifted to Kristin for Christmas. I would have made it for this year but she wasn't set on what she wanted and it'll be better to wait until we set up the porch again.

This past year for Christmas for I made an Advent tree out of pallets and I made Cornhole set. Both of these projects I have been able to find a new appreciation for building things and tools. Although one of the saws I used was terrible, mostly because I didn't have a proper bench to work on which I imagine would have helped a great deal. There is something about working with your hands and having something to show for your effort that is really awesome feeling.

One thing was for sure I didn't take enough pictures but essentially this is what I did, I bought materials built boxes and then had my wife paint them since it was suppose to be a family gift. I used diy's website for directions. I think what is great about this project is that if I had more time on one day, it could have been done and for the cost of materials it was a lot cheaper than buying one and I could say that I made it.

 The other project was making the advent tree out of pallets. This one was really great to make. This year as a family we chose to have a daily advent that we would do with Callum counting down to Christmas. As we continue to work on ways of teaching Callum about our faith and belief in God we thought that this was something that we should do. Kristin wanted to make a simple calendar on the wall but of course I was like no way and lets build something, so I found an example of some that I liked and then asked Kristin what one she would like. This is what we came up with!

Pretty isn't it!
I started with this!
I was left with this!
After a few measurements and cuts I made this!

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