Monday, May 9, 2016

Whole 30: Days 1-5 An Adventure in Eating and Living!

Our Meal Planning Chart
Breakfast Casserole 
We are a week in, now we started the Whole30 and let me tell you, what a lifestyle difference. We have completely dropped sugar, carbs, gluten and all of the other bad stuff out of our diet and for me, it has completely started to change me.

Surprise Swordfish with a Chile Lemon Sauce,
Asparagus, and Potatoes 
The first couple of days were definitely difficult, looking around and constantly wanting my Coke Zero and something to munch on. Working in a school doesn't really help that because other staff members bring in awesome snacks like cookies and Reese Pieces brownies that look soo good. Then the major cravings subsided and it became visual. For example, if I drove by Chick-Fil-A, even though I wasn't thinking about it,  I wanted fries. The craving though would pass as I continued down the road to the next things. Nothing would last more than a few minutes, which is good.

Potato Hash and a Spinach Salad with Almonds
The biggest craving over these 6 days has been beer. I really miss being able to have a beer. I have one beer on tap and another that is fermenting. I have been thinking about what beer I will have when I can drink again, it's definitely going to be my latest beer, especially since it will be ready even though I haven't tried it.

Regular Ole Breakfast
I can't speak for Kristin but this is something that I am extremely grateful that we are doing this whole30. I can't think of a time that I have ever felt better. I haven't eaten anything with grains or sugar in it and I feel amazing! I do get tired earlier and my body is sore but everything that I have read is that this is natural, so I am going with it.

Salmon, Cauliflower Rice, and Green Beans
Our menu for the week went a little like this: lots of eggs, salad and a meaty dinner, I also drank probably close to a half a gallon of tea every morning (morning being between 7 and 12). One of the things with our meal plan we had to have a couple of adjustments as we kept running out of food and Kristin staying instead of going up to Vermont.
Taco Salad with Plantains 

Kristin's Apples and Almond Butter Snack

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