Saturday, May 21, 2016

Whole30: Week 2 and most of 3

Yes, we found Whole30 Bacon!!!!!!
Burger without a bun andnSteak on a Stick!
What a busy time of year this is! Since my last post we have gone on a testing spree at the school I work at. Today was the last day of the most stressful part of testing. Although tomorrow is makeups, I am done with state tests, now on to all the district end of year tests. So getting to this post has been a little difficult. On the plus side, I have gone from obese to overweight and even lost an inch or two, since most of my pants are as tight anymore.

The reason for starting the Whole30 was to become healthier, I have to say overall I feel much better. I think the biggest surprise is that I thought that I would miss and crave my gigantic diet soda. To my delight, I don't. I don't even think about it anymore. No cravings at all, I am so excited about it. I am sleeping better, going to bed earlier, as in before 2 am. I have had a clear mind.

Pulled Pork Stuffed
Sweet Potatoes
All of this points to the fact that after removing sugar, grains, dairy and everything else that is not allowed, I am feeling great. As for Kristin, it's been tougher for her, I am not sure if she'll post about it but the short of it is after two weeks she has added complex carbs back into her diet. She seems to be doing better for the last two days.

The hardest part has been beer. I love beer, always want to brew and consume and I haven't been able to. I am literally counting down the days. Before we began, beer was never an issue, I would only have 3-4 a week, so I was never worried about it but I sure do miss it. As for everything else, not so much, I mean, I would like to have a cookie, candy or soda every once in a while but if I couldn't I didn't mind. Even the drive-by cravings have lessened since that first week. No long do I drive by fast food and be like, "OOH, I want that!"

Our meals over the course of the two weeks is a mixture of things we normally eat, like grilled meats, potatoes and vegetables and fancy recipes. Check out the plan below. This weekend we are planning the last week of Whole30. Here are the last two weeks.

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