Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Post Whole30

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Now that it is done, I feel a weight off of my shoulders. For the whole month, there was this constant pressure on to do and eat the right thing. Making sure things didn't have unnatural ingredients in it, no sugar, no beer, no dessert. As the month went out food became this all-consuming force. Shopping and preparing for food took all weekend. For the month of May, we really didn't play too much as a family or even see friends. Food became a huge stressor in our lives. Kristin had to stop because of surprise health issues. I have been ready to quit many days. After hard days at work, all I wanted to do was go home and have a drink and I couldn't. Our date nights usually involved some sort of dessert, when we went out to the movies to see Civil War we couldn't get popcorn to share, even our popcorn movie nights were harder to enjoy.

Not as good as I remembered!
All of this being said a lot of good things came out of it. I don't feel a dependence on Soda or even really want it. The same with candy. I have lost about 20 pounds and maybe an inch or two. I am sleeping better. As we introduce foods back in, I know that I will be eating less carb based foods. More meats, veggies, fruits and teas instead of the other stuff. Everything else should be in moderation. I know I don't want to step backwards so if 80% of my diet is Paleo then I think I can continue to make improvements in my health.

Overall, I feel better and I am hoping that now the restrictions are off of me I can continue to strive toward being healthier. I think starting June 1 I will be going to the gym many mornings so that is my next goal. If I can continue to create healthy habits I know that I will be a better father and better person. For my first day, I tried Green Tea Lemonade, one of my favorite things before Whole30 and quite frankly I poured 4/5's of it down the drain. I couldn't drink it. For me, the sweetness wasn't worth it. We'll see as we add more stuff back how it effects be, so far though it has been hours since I drank it and I feel fine.

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