Monday, January 9, 2017

1st of the year!!!

For the first blog post, I think it's important to catch people up on the changes around the Thomas household. So my last post was back in June, JUNE!

So starting in June we painted the outside of our house, we'll call it more of an adventure in Newton's Laws. This became such an arduous process that it didn't end until late August. So for those counting that would be three solid months. But Mike, it doesn't take that long to paint two sides of a house. Um...Ya it does when you need to replace half of one side. As we were looking at replacing broken cedar boards we found a small problem, well not so small since it took over our summer. We had to replace studs and all. We found a lot of water damage under the cedar planks that was repaired by using a piece of sheet metal, which trapped the moisture in the wall and ate away at the studs in the wall on our bedroom side. Thank God we know people who have built houses or else it would have cost $1000's of dollars that we don't have. This combined with being unable to choose colors for the porch and doors, despite the 10 or so sample paint cans (they were mini ones) that we bought took our entire summer up. All free time and weekend time. When you are working almost full time over the summer, nearly 30 hours a week, you don't have a ton of free time when it comes to painting.

Will I paint again, summer we have the back porch to do. This took up a lot of my time that I would have spent focusing on the blog.

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Sometimes you need to give something up for a season and that thing was blogging. I was really missing writing but I knew that if I tried to fit in, the writing would suffer. I was essentially taking Lent despite not being Catholic nor was it the time leading up to the final Passover. So it was more like fasting minus the suffer, although there was some deep longings to write. I digress.

By the end of teaching summer school, prayers had been answered. In the matter of a week, my entire profession changed. The end of the July I had applied for a couple of jobs, not expecting much. The week before summer school was over I had an interview set up for a brewery and one for a district office job working with technology. I have to say, even though I have gotten most jobs I interviewed for, or was a finalist for it, I had low expectations. For the brewery job it was more of like this was too good to be true and the office job I felt way underqualified for, what was I a lowly teacher. Plus after years of praying for something different and not hearing God's words other than wait I was not feeling great about either job.

Enter Monday I interviewed for the job at Abandoned Building Brewery. Afterward, I thought I did ok, a little nervous but good. Matt, the owner offered me the job the next day. Wednesday I interviewed for a job as a Digital Learning Analyst, essentially I would be teaching teachers how to use technology in the classroom and preparing students for taking MCAS 2.0. I was super energetic for this interview because I really wanted it. There was a writing task that I had to complete too. I must have knocked the interview out of the park because I got a phone call later asking me to let my principal know that they were going to vet me and then Friday, two days later, at 8 am nonetheless, I got a phone call offering me the job. I informed my principal, summer school ended, we took our vacation and then I started both new jobs.

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Sometimes sticking through things that tough will prepare you for what God has for you. What I mean is that despite years of wanting to get out of the classroom and basically being told to wait on God will build up your faith and trust in him. In the last few years, there were times where I felt lost, hopeless, depressed but I kept praying, my faith and joy were fighting for me. God was fighting for me. My prayers were answered, I knew that God was working on me.

I can know say with confidence I am doing what I am supposed to be doing for this season of my life. Those closest to me, those who have known me for a long time see a different person, not just because I have trimmed my beard but I am no longer stressed out about work, I am smiling more, I am showing more joy than I ever had.

With the change in jobs, I have struggled to find a good rhythm for going to the gym, blogging, finding time for my hobbies, making sure I am taking time for my wife, my boys and myself. It has taken me months to figure out a good schedule. I will take time at night to exercise and to write afterward because I am not a morning person and I need to exercise, so we are doing it at night. I miss writing, so I have worked it into my workout schedule. I also will use Sunday's once football is done to brew every so often, make sure my wife can take some time for her and spend time with the kids.

The last thing I need to fight to get back is my sleep, for years, I mean years, I would average 3-4 hours of sleep a night during a 10-month stretch, then for 2 months I would sleep in a normal pattern. My body still wants to keep that pattern but I don't need to because I am not taking work home with me. It's amazing how we can train our body in negative ways and expect it to fix itself. I need to get it fixed before child three comes.

Yes, the last bit of news is that we have another child coming. We are beyond excited. There were things that needed to be repaired, some things needed to change and God provided those things for us. It's early in the process but we are excited and can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl.

I know this was a longer post but I needed to get all of this out. I have some great ideas coming up future posts.

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